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Roadmap - Supported platforms

April 03, 2019

Platform support is a crucial point at Collabd. For that reason, we decided to make the app web-first, so it can be compatible with every modern browser at launch. The app who is currently developed will be a Progressive Web App (PWA), so users could use it as a semi-real app on their iOS and Android devices. Since push notification is not currently supported on iOS devices and we don’t know when it will be, we are planning to work on the native mobile app in parallel after the launch though.

Windows/Mac - Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

We are working on an optimized codebase who will work on all the recent major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. No Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer support is planned for now, but we’ll make sure that the app is somewhat working on legacy browsers.

Android & iOS

Android devices can use the most of the Progressive Web Apps. On top of everything that the PWAs can do, Android users will have access to push notifications out of the box. As for iOS users, we would still recommend the use of the PWA, since it will feel more natural for power users and it will be considerably faster and reliable. We might add iOS push notification someday to the web app, but that’s in Apple’s hands for now!


An Electron Desktop App is in our plan, but not in our current roadmap. Stay tuned!

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