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Kanban update 2 – Spring Cleaning

May 01, 2019

We just went through a very coarse winter here in Canada, what let’s me focus a lot more on indoor projects. Beside house maintenance and snow shovelling, I worked a lot on Collabd.

2.1 - The Landing Page

Like I said in the past Kanban update, I worked on the landing page in parallel of the app. We launched the first real version of the landing page earlier this spring, now allowing the users to subscribe to the upcoming beta. We list Collabd’s main features too, just have a look here:

2.2 - Trello Power-Up

Like we tweeted earlier in February, we have a first version of the Trello Power-up and the Collabd Trello Link-up done. The power-up will let you push data from Trello to Collabd, and the Collabd Trello Link-up will let you do the opposite, send data to Trello from Collabd. That done, we are completing our first product integration.

2.3 - Collabd Blog

We built a simple blog to simplify the information sharing process. Even if the blog doesn’t have too much content for now, we’ll use it to share specific informations about the product, like the Supported platforms and the Software integration roadmap.

2.4 - Slack Notifications

As a main selling point, Collabd will allow you to send your notifications to different communication channels. Beside emails, Slack is the first official communication tool that we are implementing.

Wrap up

We worked on 4 points since last time, but we made a big leap to our ultimate goal to feed you with a beta that you can test. Don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list to be notified Hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! Let’s end this week with a good Scrum Board IPA! ✌️

Scrum Board IPA 2

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