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Kanban update 2 – Spring Cleaning

May 01, 2019

We just went through a very coarse winter here in Canada, what let’s me focus a lot more on indoor projects. Beside house maintenance and…

Roadmap - Supported platforms

April 03, 2019

Platform support is a crucial point at Collabd. For that reason, we decided to make the app web-first, so it can be compatible with every…

Roadmap - Out of the box Software integration

April 03, 2019

Our goal is to make Collabd as much flexible as possible, and to connect management softwares to it, so the user can still use their…

Kanban update 1 – Keeping it full!

March 05, 2019

Here’s the first follow-up blog post, to let you know how everything is falling into place. To read the original post, click here here .…